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CliniShift is a bespoke software solution that works as a communication platform connecting clinical staff with hospital managers who manage rosters/ off duty's. Unlike the standard permanent E-Rostering software solution, this technology is used to fill white space in rosters. It encompasses both the CliniShift App, which is free to download by clinical staff and the online software for hospitals CliniShift Manager. The CliniShift App allows clinical staff to publish their availability and accept open shifts seamlessly and the CliniShift Manager sends out requests to suitable temporary candidates instantly using your hospitals own cohort of clinical staff. There are other unique features to the software such as C-Suite reporting and Credentialing. The sole purpose of CliniShift is to reduce healthcare facilities over-reliance on agency staff make significant cost savings along with better utilisation of workforce.

The Clinishift App

  • Engaging with temporary staff made easy.
  • Clinical staff download our free to use app (available on both Android and IOS)
  • They can then:
  • List their availability.
  • Accept open shifts.
  • Upload their documents.
  • Clock in and clock out as and when they show up for and leave work.

The Clinishift App

The Clinishift Manager

  • Scheduling temporary clinical staff is a breeze with CliniShift.
  • Hospital users gain access to the CliniShift Manager.
  • There they can,
  • Target and send requests to suitable temporary candidates instantly.
  • Review and approve candidate's documents and time sheets.
  • Communicate with candidates relating to upcoming shifts in real-time.
  • And much much more...

The Clinishift Manager

Meet our Clinishift team

Aimée Madden

Founder & CEO CliniShift

Eoin Murphy

Web and mobile developer

Orna Madden

Global Relationship Director

Sean-Paul White

Project Implementation Analyst

Mark Yang

Web & Mobile developer

Ross Clancy

UX/UI developer

Gareth Harte

Lead IOS developer


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