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Clinical Staffing Solution For Hospitals
CliniShift provides a platform to manage and facilitate hospitals using existing staff to plug white space in rosters.

The Clinishift App

  • Engaging with temporary staff made easy.
  • Clinical staff download our free to use app (available on both Android and IOS)
  • They can then:
  • List their availability.
  • Accept open shifts.
  • Upload their documents.
  • Clock in and clock out as and when they show up for and leave work.

The Clinishift App

The Clinishift Manager

  • Scheduling temporary clinical staff is a breeze with CliniShift.
  • Hospital users gain access to the CliniShift Manager.
  • There they can,
  • Target and send requests to suitable temporary candidates instantly.
  • Review and approve candidate's documents and time sheets.
  • Communicate with candidates relating to upcoming shifts in real-time.
  • And much much more...

The Clinishift Manager

Meet our Clinishift team

Aimée Madden

Founder & CEO CliniShift

John Maher

VP of Global sales

Lisa Nolan

Business development assistant & trainer

Mark Yang

Web & Mobile developer

Ross Clancy

UX/UI developer

Gareth Harte

Lead IOS developer


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